EuroPYM Mastercard Features

Inside the EEA (European Economic Area), the EuroPYM Prepaid Mastercard can be loaded up to €10,000, which can be used in any of the 36 million stores worldwide (and online) where Mastercard is accepted. The EuroPYM prepaid Mastercard is a great alternative to cash and outdated cheques, and preferred over store cards or vouchers.

Peer 2 Peer

The EuroPYM card lets you perform Peer 2 Peer transfers without hassle. Get on your desktop or mobile to experience the easy way to pay a friend or family member. (1)(5)

Rewards Program

Our reward program blends with our commitment to recreate the standard financial experience and provide our clients with loyalty rewards. (3)(5)(6)

Direct Deposit

When you receive direct deposits, it appears two days faster than your usual bank wait time. Join the trend and enjoy faster deposits.(4)

Invite Friends

With EuroPYM, you can invite your friends and family to join the trend and experience financial simplicity. With just a few clicks, you can refer your friends to improve their financial experience. (3)(5)(6)

Virtual & Physical 

EuroPYM issues you a  virtual and physical card so you can choose how to spend your money. You can deposit and make transactions with your virtual cards, just like you can with your physical card.(2)(4)

High Balance Card

At any given time, you have a limit of depositing up to €10,000 on your card. EuroPYM card lets you enjoy high loading limits while giving you limitless opportunities.

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The EuroPYM Prepaid Mastercard is issued by Prepaid Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Prepaid Financial Services  Limited is regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, as an Electronic Money Institution, registration number 900036.Registered Office: Fifth Floor, Langham House, 302-308 Regent Street, London, W1B 3AT. Company Registration number: 06337638

(7)Blocks on  - 5542 Automated Fuel Dispense - 4784 Toll and Bridge Fees

La Mastercard prepagata EuroPYM Italia viene emessa da Prepaid Financial Services Limited in base ad una licenza di Mastercard International Incorporated. Prepaid Financial Services Limited è regolamentata e autorizzata dalla Financial Conduct Authority, come istituto di moneta elettronica, numero di registrazione 900036. Ufficio federale: Fifth Floor, Langham House, 302-308 Regent Street, Londra, W1B 3AT. Numero di registrazione della società: 06337638

La tarjeta prepaga MasterCard EuroPYM Spain es emitida por Prepaid Financial Services Limited de conformidad con una licencia de Mastercard International Incorporated. Prepaid Financial Services Limited está regulado y autorizado por la Autoridad de conducta financiera, como una institución de dinero electrónico, número de registro 900036. Oficina registrada: quinto piso, Langham House, 302-308 Regent Street, Londres, W1B 3AT. Número de registro de la empresa: 06337638

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